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Academic Achievements

Dr. Kandoi's Academic Achievements

  • Treatment modalities for bone defects using Ilizarov Technique: Dissertation submitted for M.S. Examination of Bombay University.

  • Management of supracondylar and Intraaricular fracture of femur: Dissertation submitted for the fellowship of college of physician & Surgeon of Bombay.

  • Treatment modality of Bone defects using Ilizarov technique: Orthopaedic Update (India) Journal (Indexed) as a first author

  • Intermetacarpal transverse k wiring for treatment of fractures of metacarpals’ poster presented in IOCON 2009 A Conference Of Indian Orthopaedic Society At Orissa In November 2009

  • Tuberculosis of C.V. Junction: Bombay Hospital Journal as a co-author (Vol. 39, No. 4, 1997

  • A typical presentation of spinal tuberculosis a case report: Indian practitioner as a first author (June-97, VOL.50, No.2).

  • Leptomeningeal primary melanomas, causing compressive Myelopathy:Indian Journal of Orthopedics Jan 98 as a first author.

  • Acute disseminated Eosinphilic granuma involving spine: A case report & review of literature: Indian Journal of medical Sciences as a first author (Vol. 52, No.1, Jan. 1998)

  • Intradural Extramedullary Tuberculoma causing Cord compression: A case report & Review of Literature: Journal of Indian medical Association as a first author (Vol. 96 No. 8, Aug. 1998)

  • Multiple Ipsilateral fracture of lower limb: A study of problems & Management: Indian Journal of surgery as first author.

  • Current concepts in osteoporosis an article published in Synapse Volume 1 Issue 1 March 2004.

  • Tennis Elbow: A review of Literature Article in ‘Doctor Mitra’ in January ’04

  • Therapies in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis: A current concept review in Dr. Mitra No. 70 15th Aug, 2004.

  • ‘Coccygodynia : A review’ published in Pure Health Oct-04

  • Editor of Synapse journal of Ambernath medical Association.

  • Intermetacarpal transverse k wiring for treatment of fractures of metacarpals’ article published in journal of Maharashtra orthopedic association Dec. 2007

  • Supracondylar Osteotomy for correction of developmental Genu Valgum”, A paper presented in British Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting in Manchester on 16th September 2004.

  • Intermetacarpal transverse k wiring for treatment of fractures of metacarpals’ poster presented in IOCON 2009 in ORISSA

  • Multiple Ipsilateral fracture of lower limb: A study of problems & Management: Indian Journal of surgery as first author.

  • Sonographic assessment of bone at distraction site in ilizarov procedure (Vol. 7, No.2, Dec 97)


International Conferences Attended

  • Attended APOA (ASIA PACIFIC ORTHOPEDIC ASSOCIATION) conference in April 2003 at Coimbatore.

  • Attended annual conference of International College of surgeons in Chennai in July 2003.

  • Attended “National Trauma Management Course” by Academy of Traumatology (India), IATSIC, Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association in 23rd and 24th April 2003.

  • Attended 1st Conference on Truma of Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association in 25th and 27th April 2003 at Coimbatore, India.

  • Attended International Convention Centre & G-Max, Manchester by British Orthopaedic Association in 15th- & 17th September 2004 & ‘Indian Summer’ on 14th September 2004.

  • Attended Seminar & Hands-on-Workshop on Locking Compression Plate (LCP) in 3rd June 2005 by Synthes International at Miraj.

  • Attended APLAR Conference in Kualalumpur, Malaysia in 2006

  • Attended “Intramedullary Nailing in Tibial Diaphyseal & Metaphyseal “Organized by AO International in 24th September 2006 at Mumbai.

  • Attended joint annual conference of Indian Foot and Ankle Society with British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society ‘IFASCON 2008’ in 3rd August 2009


  •  OBSERVORSHIP AT University of Washington, foot and ankle department, U.S.A HARBORVIEW MEDICAL CENTRE in August 2007

  • Observorship at Hissing park foot and ankle clinic October 2008, Augsburg, Germany.

  • Clinical Fellow, University of Washington

  • Observorship at Policlinico Multimedica at Milano, Italy in October 2009.

  • Centro Mano Studo fellow, University of Milan, Italy.

  • Fellow of International College of Surgeons, Chicago.

  • Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine.

  • Fellow of Royal Society of Tropical Medicine. 

  • International affiliate Member, National Osteoporosis Foundation, California. 

  • Awarded INOR Fellowship of British Orthopedic society the year 2004 by Indian Orthopedic Association to attend British Orthopedics meet at Manchester. 

  • Awarded “Chikistak Ratan” of the year Oct 6,2004,                    by Global Society for Health and Educational                          Growth. In New Delhi. 

  • Aits-Ircad fellowship in wrist arthroscopy in Taiwan in year 2009.

  • Aits-Ircad fellowship in knee arthroscopy in tripod in Nov 2010.

  • Ankle arthroscopy at academic medical Centre, Amsterdam, Netherland in 2011.

  • Was awarded ‘the Golden award for Quality & Business Practice’ by OMAC – Paris on 23rd November 2015. 

Published Books

The Basics of Arthritis: A guide for students and practitioners

Published by: The National Book Depot Parel, Mumbai - 400 012

ISBN: 81-87540-25-7

First Edition 2003 2nd Edition 2006

Living with Arthritis  

Published by: Institute of arthritis care and prevention Ambernath (W) Dist.: Thane 421 501 

Clinical Cases in Orthopedics

Published by  The National Book Depot Parel, Mumbai - 400 012 First edition 2006 ISBN NO.81-87540-58-3 

Clinical Aspects in Osteoporosis

Published by Jaypee publishers Pvt. Ltd New Delhi India  

First edition 2005 ISBN NO.81-8061-451-4 

OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS: A comprehensive web based resource for patients and health professionals A comprehensive web based resource for patients and health professionals. 


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