Mumbai Foot & Ankle Clinic

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Manoj Kandoi

M.B.B.S. | D. (Orth) | M.S. (Orth) | D.N.B.E. (Orth)

The Mumbai Foot and Ankle Clinic is a practice committed to providing premium quality Foot & Ankle services to those who suffer, or have the potential to suffer foot, ankle, leg, knee or health problems related to their feet.

The founder of The Mumbai Foot and Ankle Clinic has proudly seen the business grow into a premier foot and ankle clinic with world class facilities.

Having graduated in October 1992 [M.B.B.S] through the university of Bombay. Dr. Manoj Kandoi went onto completing his Diploma in Orthopedics Surgery in November 1996 from the college of physicians and surgeons, Parel, Bombay.

He went onto completing his Masters in Orthopedics Surgery on January 1997 from the University of Bombay and a Fellowship of college of physicians & surgeon passed in March 1997 from the college of physicians & surgeon, Parel, Bombay.

Post this he was awarded D.N.B.E. (Orth) by National Board of Examination, New Delhi in January 1998. Dr. Kandoi has also completed a Post Graduate Certificate Course In Torture Medicine: Conducted by IMA in year 2001.